Dr. Sanzen Interviewed About Safe Medication Use

Brown Medicine Clinical Pharmacy Specialist Dr. Kelley Sanzen shared her knowledge on WPRV-AM 790 about ailments that may affect us as we age. She discussed tips for asking questions of your pharmacist and primary care provider about prescriptions, potential interactions with food and other drugs, the use of over-the-counter medications, information resources, when to safely stop taking a medicine, and more.

Dr. Sanzen was joined by her colleague Dr. Nicole Asal, Pharm.D., BCPS, president of the RI Pharmacists Association, on the Age-Friendly RI Radio Hour with John Tassoni at WPRV-AM.

You can listen to the conversation below:

Listen to “Age-Friendly RI Radio Hour- 10-16-19- Kelley Sanzen(Brown) & Nicole Asal (URI)” on Spreaker.