Brown Medicine Minute: Dangers of Cigarette Smoking with Dr. Khan


“Hi, I’m Hina Khan and I’m a physician in the Division of Hematology and Oncology at Brown Medicine. Let’s talk today about cigarette smoking. Tobacco use is the number one cause of preventable diseases here in the United States. Cigarettes, E-Cigarettes, and tobacco products contain many toxic chemicals as do their smoke and vapor. Quitting smoking has positive health benefits, no mater how long you have smoked for, what your age is or how many times you’ve tried to quit. Quitting reduces your risk of heart diseases, lung diseases, cancer and several other illnesses.

Counseling and medications are highly effective in treating tobacco dependence but using them together is more effective than using either one alone. So ask your doctor for help, resources and ways to quit smoking.

I’m Dr. Hina Khan, and this has been a Brown Medicine Minute.”

Additional Information:

Dr. Hina Khan is also a thoracic oncologist at the Brown Cancer Center at Rhode Island Hospital in Providence; assistant professor in hematology and oncology at Brown University’s Warren Alpert School of Medicine, and has led several research projects as principal investigator related to the needs of diverse, underserved communities.

In addition to her research, she works in a lab doing translational lunch cancer research and sees patients will all stages of lung cancer. For more information, contact Dr. Khan at 401-893-7126 or