Brown Medicine HealthTalk Podcast: Finding a Primary Care Doctor That’s Right For You (Ep. 7)

Dr. Kelly McGarry is Director of Brown Medicine’s Division of General Internal Medicine, and is a practicing general internist at the Brown Medicine academic practice specializing in women’s health. Additionally, she is a Professor of Medicine at the Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University. Her specialties include Primary Care, Internal Medicine, Women’s Health, and General Practice to name a few.

Building a relationship with your primary care physician is based on trust and is an important step in maintaining your overall health goals.  Whether you have newly relocated or are still looking for the right patient/doctor pairing, what are the best methods to find the primary care physician who is right for you and or your family members?  Join Dr. Kelly McGarry as she walks us through what primary care entails, and how to identify the long-term quality care that works for you. Topics include whether a female patient should have a female doctor, questions to ask when visiting a new doctor for the first time, how referrals to specialists are determined, the benefits of team-centered care with other specialty care providers, and more.