Brown Medicine HealthTalk Podcast: COVID-19 Vaccine Trial (Ep. 5)

Dr. Karen Tashima, an infectious disease physician, researcher and professor of medicine with Brown Medicine’s Division of Infectious Diseases, discusses a COVID-19 vaccine trial at Brown Medicine.

Worldwide, research is underway for a coronavirus vaccine. Brown Medicine was selected as one of the approved site investigators in the race for a cure. Volunteer participants are currently being sought for the trial, and many research Assistants will be hired.

In this episode, Dr. Tashima reveals what response and outcomes are expected from the trial, and what participants need to know. She answers questions such as: Is the vaccine safe; What is in the vaccine; What underlying conditions and factors for contracting the coronavirus exist; and Why reaction to the coronavirus is different for people? She also describes the antibody response by a person’s immune system.

To volunteer for the clinical trial and for more information, visit: