Hep C WaterFire Event

C is for Cure: RI Defeats Hep C

WaterFire Waterplace Park, Providence

July 30 at sunset (8:06 pm)

A special WaterFire lighting will be held to raise awareness and encourage people to get tested and cured of Hepatitis C, a viral infection that causes liver inflammation and damage.

Most people do not experience any symptoms, or only u-like milder symptoms 6-12 weeks after infection. Left untreated, Hep C can lead to liver cancer, cirrhosis and even death. It’s most often transmitted by sharing needles or other equipment to inject drugs and can also be transmitted during sex. People living with HIV are at higher risk.

RI Defeats Hep C is working to tackle the Hep C epidemic in the state and, hopefully, will be the first in the U.S. to eliminate this blood-borne virus. Testing is via blood sample. WaterFire helps to create exposure and awareness to start a conversation.

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