Brown Medicine HealthTalk Podcast: Healthcare For Women As They Age (Ep. 9)

Dr. Nadia Mujahid is a physician with Brown Medicine’s Division of Geriatrics. Additionally, she is an Assistant Professor of Medicine and Clinical Educator at the Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University. Her specialties include Geriatrics, Dementia, Elderly, and Aging to name a few.

How does aging impact the overall health of women? What are some of the important things to watch for as we get older? Dr. Mujahid, or “Dr. M” to her patients, discusses high-quality comprehensive care for women aged 55 and older, and the top things we should be doing to stay healthy. Topics include how long the postmenopause stage of life lasts, hot flashes and menopause middle, typical health screenings older women should get, staying active through chronic pain, the role diet plays in health, and new guidelines for screenings such as pap smears and colonoscopies.